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A vision of the future is always supposed to be positive and inspiring. This imagination can also be bleak. In fact it is often bleak. Often the only insight that any of us have into the future is that it is undeniably screwed. This insight into the instability of the future, is a good motivation to tinker with the constituents of the present. To change what we already have a bad feeling about. But the actor does not want anything the change. She cannot. The director forbids her from deviating too much from the script.

But also is difficult to be unbiased, openminded and hopeful when the overbearing inside does not match. It is not possible to project when there is no feeling. So the actor lies. The actor communicates far and wide that the vision that she has inside is extremely luminous, that all her dreams are fragrant with hope and she has no nightmares anyway.

The actor lies to placate everyone and diffuse the possible motivation to fundamentally change the system.

This lie works on the peoples of this world. But it has no way of working on the actual tangents of time. When the future arrives; the future advertised as a bastion of good tidings and a positive turn; the actor just says that she got it wrong and actually finds a few factors to blame for the way events have turned out. This deception is the story of how we constantly fail and how failure is not an accident but our operating model.

We fail because we need to know what we are constructing, when we are performing the labour of construction. We cannot walk blindly. We need to engage in significant action. A scripted and directed construction is more likely to work than a spontaneous release anyway. We are unable to display foresight when we are engaging in random play anyway. We are not able to strategise the eruptions that come forth through us.

So we have to come to terms with the lie or have a way to speaking the truth while still following the script.

The curse allows us to do that.

The curse wishes for a bad end for the cursed.

But the end is going to be bad only. It is not going to be pleasant for anyone. We are all equally doomed.

So our curse is a truth selectively revealed to someone for whom we do not hold the warmest of feelings. We are kind to our object of derision. Once we do that, the object of our derision ignores the curse and attempts to surround herself with enough charms to offset the effects of our curse. The object mistakes the curse to be a spell. But it is only a prediction. A foretelling. It is inevitable.

The object's fear and repulsion of the curse changes the script. And this change sets the cycle in motion.

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