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We are forever here. We may feel like escaping sometimes, but there is no hope and we have to sit here and witness the unfolding of events. We can be decisive, though. We can decide to not let things slide and operate in a manner that other parties do not have to threaten us with dire consequences. When we do the opposite, we seem as if we are not interested and not worried, we tempt the other party to catch us by surprise. If we do what we are supposed to do, we need not operate under any…

Vision tags: mirror

A vision of the future is always supposed to be positive and inspiring. This imagination can also be bleak. In fact it is often bleak. Often the only insight that any of us have into the future is that it is undeniably screwed. This insight into the instability of the future, is a good motivation to tinker with the constituents of the present. To change what we already have a bad feeling about. But the actor does not want anything the change. She cannot. The director forbids her from deviating…