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Linguists insist that language has the capacity to be complex only to throw most of us off the scent of the message. If everyone figured a way to be sharp then there would be nothing left to be discovered, and no individuals to celebrate. So linguists say that language exists to be used in any way that an individual may choose to use it as. Rules of grammar cannot dictate a style or a value. But the reason for this is not immediately apparent. It'd be easy to imagine a way of using language so that it'd be a kit of parts with a fixed instruction set that allows constructions to be in a specific format. But that is not the case. The language that we use requires experience and ability in the individual practitioner to either render meaning in a simple format or to make meaning of a complex and layered scope of language in a simple form.

A curse breaks apart these constraints. If we essentially speak in riddles, then we will not have to talk in a bland way and then specify our specific payload of intent in order to communicate. We engage in plain-speak only to remain understandable and accessible to as many people as possible. But what do we get out of being understood? So many might understand us, but the knot in our throats does not get dissolved. In fact if more people understand us we sometimes forget the location of the knot in our throats. Being understood distracts us from the process of understanding ourselves. If we do not understand ourselves, we cannot represent ourselves accurately and have to rely on third party understandings of ourselves that are constantly projected on us. For us to be be something beyond our projection, we have to become blind and deaf. We have to remain obsessed with the echo of our own voice, reverberating inside our head and dis-regard all the other voices that we hear in the landscape.

To remain angry, we need to be unable to rationalise. Rationality is oriented towards diffusing our anger. But we need to keep things simple. And the simplest format of how things can be is remain the way we are. The way things already are makes us angry. We need to remain angry. We need to curse from the depths of our anger and project the stench of our passion.

Curses are simple, do not think about them too much and complicate them. Feel the naked punch of language and succumb.

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