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Curses sting. And that is their most immediately perceivable effects. If we do not bother about the emotional damage involved in facing the curse, then how do we assess the importance of the curse's intent.
Not all curses are equal. Some sting less, some sting more.
How do we calibrate curses against the degree of sting that we want to cause?

If we are going to curse at all, we need to keep a grip on what the effect of our curses is going to be.

At this point, we will not trackback to remembering why we want to curse at all. That is well established. We have issues. We want to settle these issues and we will find every way possible for us to do so. If curses offer a way, and we tell ourselves that curses offer a way, then we want to become adept at cursing.

Can we go to someone, can someone tell us everything there is to be known about the intricacies involved with cursing well?

At this point we are clearly able to see that someone else is entering the room. This entity enters the room and asks us to write our own revelation. We can know all that there is to be known. This knowledge that we discover on our own is going to be strange to others. For us it will answer all our questions. For others it will seem like unschooled gibberish. And that is fine. That is just the way it should be.

Sometimes the sting emerges from some specific issue that has emerged from the narrative.

Sometimes the sting emerges from the conflict between the generic in the environment challenging the grains of specific visions that you hold in your head. Any such conflicts which challenge what we have with what we should have are set up to lose. We are not going to cede any ground. We will dance on your toes. We will shoot freely into the air till everyone is dead.

This confrontation yields an angst that is very valuable.

We can package this angst as the sting that our curse holds.

Why do curses sting? Curses sting because we inject a little bit of our intensity into the quagmire of social language and as a foreign substance, the social language system is taken by surprise. This surprise forces it to rupture. And the sting of this rupture is felt.

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