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We live our lives in a way that we incriminate ourselves repeatedly. We know which actions will not work with our own constitution and we repeat these actions again and again. Do we crave the negative self-association that comes with crime? Why do we want to be our own culprits? On attaining a negative self-association, we become free from the rules of optimal conduct that are constantly projected on us by the moral forces in our environment. These moral forces are only evangelical channels of the command and control system we live in. Once we find ourselves lacking in any way, the system can absorb us. Once we need something from the world, the world will absorb us easily. Crime is the refusal to take the blame. Punishment's sole objective is to break humans and crush their will. The society can only deal with weak humans who have made a deal. Those who dare to hold out are excluded from the spoils of compliance as well. There is nobody watching out for those who stand up and stand out.

Those who stand up or stand out are not open to manipulation. They do not provide additional fuel.

Anyone with a sufficiently macro perspective will agree that there is no outside. There is no individual choice as far as participation is concerned. If any one of us is corrupt, all of us are corrupt because we haven't figured out how to be separated. We have only figured out our numerous interconnections. We are intertwined in undeniable ways. Your food is my excreta. My nightmare is your life.

And because of the pathology of our connection, we find ourselves in this mess.

You insist on behaving as an autonomous individual. The autonomous individual is a myth of course. Ecologists have traced the connections between systems and between individuals and systems but not between individuals. Each thought is a land-mine because the scope of repercussions cannot be contained and all repercussions are not expressed. Sometimes people just sit heart-attacks out. They do not even flinch. As repercussions can neither be measured or mapped, we have to accept that we are only swimming in a lake swarming with crocodiles. The unknown disaster is more dangerous than the known disaster. We need to tread carefully. We need to check with everyone we believe to be alive if they are dead instead. Life can speak up, death cannot. And sometimes that is the problem.

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