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When you malign me, your false stories do not stick but the possibility of the falsehood being true actually does. And you know that. And that is why you manage your aggression towards me the way you do. You keep throwing these half-truths and these outright lies on me and you enjoy the damage that you cause. But stories are forgotten, even exciting ones, and presence is experienced in the titillation of the here and now. So the evidence against slander is always stacked up. There is a disconnects between the narratively was and the experience cane. And then it becomes very easy to unravel the distinction.
So, we should make it a little difficult. We should not give it away. If slander becomes more the norm than the exception, a socially-acceptable form of story-telling, it might alter the kind of social systems we have. and the social-system needs altering if only to make them more fun.
One of the things that we have to become good at, is telling things to people's faces that otherwise we would only tell behind their backs. The curse is this ability. The curse will cancel slander. It will bring to the frontal plane of negotiations what is right now only a hidden transaction. By doing this we also puncture the culture of social niceties and politeness which is largely unnecessary and only devalues the potential of conversation.
The curse comes to the rescue. If our most honest and emotional way of communicating with each other is to be blunt and insulting with each other, then so be it. It is better than falling in love anyway. Romance makes it easy to share stories of vulnerability and trauma but it makes it more difficult to curse. And so romance should not be indulged in.
To retain the sharpness and dexterity needed to be able to curse proficiently, we must become dry and remain unaffiliated. Nothing should come in the way of our angst. We need to be able to function as transparent pieces of glass sometimes. At least in relation to our act. Our act needs to be transparently accessible. If our acts needs us to interact socially, then violence is only a vent for the violent urges that get generated naturally. We are never in total agreement with anyone, but total agreement is what we crave for. Our social connections, sometimes resist and try to hold on to their own perspectives. But how is that possible? In the radiant brilliance of our transmission how can anyone refuse to receive. Our transmission includes all the arguments necessary, a refusal to receive does not even let these arguments operate.

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