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We need everything to be easy. Effort is not just a distraction. It is inhibiting. It has a curve and all curves have a segment of non-optimal functioning. Why should this be accommodated?

We understand a heap of marbles scattered on the floor. We understand that everything might come to nought and we will left anxious and listless.

But we do not understand who someone on a streak would want to not help themselves to the fullest extent possible. Effort cuts into the full force of the pull. If you were to be trapped in the burning cockpit of a military aircraft, you would eject. Imagine if in mid-fall, when gravitation is all that you need to rely on, you slow down. Because of this slow-down, your parachute does not have enough pull. It does not unfurl. What will you feel then? How will you deal with the inevitable death that you will be facing in seconds?

Convenience is a double-edged word. We seek convenience. But we all need to serve convenience. If we seek and do not serve, we might hit a dry patch at some point. The landscape is populated by the outbursts of convenience emanating from multiple actors.

The zero-sum universe manages to retain its balance by drawing an equivalence between the net convenience sought and served in the system. Any selfish twitch can turn the whole system upside down.

It is very important to remain conscious of this. We can dare to want only as much as much we can afford to give. If we want to liberate our flesh, we need to at least throw in our sin into the game. The transactions in the ethereal universe that keep us ticking cannot be toyed with. No one is otherwise interested in our survival. We can perish like the poor, disenfranchised dogs living on the street and nobody will bat an eyelid.

We are obsessed with our survival. This is entirely our own lookout. Our obsessions are not prioritised by the system. Each actor is equal. Every actor is equally susceptible to illness, death and other ways of diminishing.

So we need to recognise the role we play in the assembly line. We are not important. We are not special. We need to give away everything that comes to us. That is the only way we can retain a trace amount of the flow.

What we give and how we give it has to be conveniently packaged.

The convenience we extend is the convenience we can enjoy.

A curse is a convenient way to communicate our displeasure.

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