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Memory of distraction is also a distraction. In fact memories distract us and take us away from here and now. When we go away from the here and now, we are distracted. No matter what we are paying attention to. No wonder, being focussed on here and now is considered to being on the razor’s edge.

Sometimes we fall off the edge and do not manage to climb back on it. This moment inspires fear in us. We don’t know how to get back on it. And anyhow from a fallen state we cannot climb back to the edge directly. We have to climb up to a some place and slowly crawl back to a point where our previous position on the edge is approachable. This is a cycle. We are constantly moving from here and now to there and then - and trying to make our way back here.

But why do we want to be here? The memory of being here last haunts us and goads us to persevere. We are not happy being out of sync because we have memories of being in sync and these memories haunt us. When we do not have the ability of being in sync also, the benefits of being in sync - the emergence of ideas with an infinite depth - force us to aspire and not fail.

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