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We anticipate what we do not currently have but hope to receive in the foreseeable future. But anticipating random things does not effect our prospects for actually receiving them. Things and their distribution follow their own logic and sometimes something might be well there in the inventory of the supplier but the distribution map does not cover us. There is nothing to be done at such a time and we have to be content with what has been given to us. Like a beggar who does not have any agency to ear his or her own bread, we have to be content with what we get.

But the fact is that we are looking over our shoulder and we are waiting and we want more. We are not on the distribution circuit, how do we move ourselves to a point which is on the path? How do we get more? If we are not on the distribution path, we might be on the re-distribution circuit. We might not be aligned to collect and hoard value but we might be aligned with further endowing and assigning value. We can give more than we get. Give and take are not actions that govern parity. We do what we are designed to do.

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