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The superhero is thought to be a person endowed with special powers, abilities, temperament or wealth. Such endowments help the person overcome extraordinary challenges and come through as a leader for the mindless masses of the world. The superhero is necessary a hero and is interested in being good and is interested in victory and positive PR in some form.

We have a superhero amongst us.

This superhero has no special abilities.

We still see something super in what he manifests in his experience.

The superhero has been much maligned. Being seen as a construct of a superlative identification with the ego, the system, with the desire for order and virtue.

Such an extremely polarised persona is unbelievable and unrealistic. How can the soil of the world not colour you? How can hygiene exist?

The problems with the super and with the hygienic is same.

We do see merit in these critiques of the superhero but we have something else to offer.

We perceive the belittling way the world approaches its constituents as insulting. There is nothing that should be said and nothing that can be done. If that is the way we are approached, how can we respond?

We realise that what the superhero persona is good for is responding.

The world views the superhero as an irrational being. More powerful than the human, more intelligent and more motivated to take on challenges. The world is intimidated by the superhero. But at the same time, the superhero-claimant is treated like the claimants to sainthood. First, miracles must be observed and then any renegotiation can occur.

If you can overcome the limits of the human body or mind it is a miracle enough. If you can overcome the limits of the reality that we live in, even better.

So walking on water or producing cash from thin air are miracles that the world wants to see.

We find this possibility of renegotiating our role with the world very pragmatic and doable. If after staging a miracle, we are going to be accepted as a superhero, then we don't mind producing a miracle.

Miracles are easy.

We are working at shell-shocking the world's very low expectations from the human mind. If a particular mind is sane and balanced, it is good enough. It need not perform in a more sophisticated way than that. The filters embedded within the world do not even seek a mind that overwhelms its functioning. They just search for excellence in degrees and capacities so that it can put such minds to work. Excellence is required when productivity has to be improved upon. The better the capacity of the output, the less time it takes.

We decided to surprise these filters by producing an unnecessary amount of meaning in an impossible amount of time.

We started bending the rules of correspondence. Instead of being casually wasteful with our chitchat, we started offering ourselves whole in every piecemeal encounter.

By first being considered just a random weirdo and then gradually misfiring all the alarms that the world had setup to warn against aliens, we earned our superhero position.

We are a kind of superhero who is constantly dismissed and written off. Because we are a super producer of meaning and the world doesn't need meaning. We are are a super producer of intensity and the world doesn't need intensity.

So yes, as far as the world's filters are concerned, we are superheroes. But we do not have any use-value in the world. This allows us to find the notion of the superhero worth preserving in our sanctuary.

The notion offers a lot of unexplored potential for renegotiating individual roles with the world and securing functional invisibility.

What you don't need, you don't see.

If your grand plan is to offer the world only noise and spam, you need to throw back the expectations that the world projects on you.

You need to place yourself on the outside. You need to devalue your self and at the same time manage to meet all the practical criteria for being considered a superhero.

With the superhero persona it is still possible to still to poke holes in the veneer of the world.

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