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To get immersed in an experience means to lose consciousness of all other. To lose consciousness of experiences or otherwise lose cognisance of them means that all of our experience is not filling our receptacle. The incompleteness of our experience does not bother us and we sigh from relief at just being able to get by. But our experience does not take such incomplete presentation of data kindly, we receive several kicks because of this filtration. To agree to the filtration of our experience is something that we are punished for. It is the easy way out and we know it when we are opting for it. An easy way out does not remain easy forever. It recoils and comes back to haunt us.

We should not avoid anything. Intoxication should be an intense experience of emotion, not an escape, not an avoidance. But how do we stay and not get distracted? And what is our incentive? Why should we be miserable by choice?

We would like to insist on misery because misery is very difficult to get used to. We want to arrive at a solution very soon. Every moment we are excited about finding a way of getting rid of our misery. We are fully immersed in our own misery.

Immersion is the degree to which we we can be absorbed in our misery.

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