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Memory of distraction is also a distraction. In fact memories distract us and take us away from here and now. When we go away from the here and now, we are distracted. No matter what we are paying attention to. No wonder, being focussed on here and now is considered to being on the razor’s edge. Sometimes we fall off the edge and do not manage to climb back on it. This moment inspires fear in us. We don’t know how to get back on it. And anyhow from a fallen state we cannot climb back to the edg…

Emphasis tags: cactus

When we emphasise, we select, prioritise and highlight. We say that a specific order is needed in your flow of perception and attention. We direct your mind to observe the material in your viewport more distinctly and refuse to tolerate a haphazard engagement. By emphasising we do not mean to say that the non-emphasised is unimportant or is irrelevant, on the contrary we illustrate an entry point into the mass of content from a specific point. We say that if a particular point of entry has not…