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Exchange can only happen when there is an agreement on a common notion of value. Establishing this common notion is an important role and function of culture. This function is performed very slowly and sometimes take a whole generation. Because of the speed of this operation, any possible change of the common notion of value is almost impossible.

But still most of us hold on to their notions of value dearer than their notions of themselves.

I would like to design games (not digital, real-world civic games, games as a public activity) to be played by children, senior citizens, women, men, artists, others, scholars, the nonchalant. A set of rules to analyse the playtime of a given game will be made and analysis of all the sessions played will be done.

The games will be designed as a part of the classroom and workshop time. The games will be analysed publicly. Others can join if they find it interesting - but they can be sure that the analysis process is deeply transparent. In the mode of following symbols and their representations, the analysis will be able to tell the notions of value that groups possess. The groups will need t0 comprise of homogenous groups of people for this to work.

This game design and analysis will be prepared in collaboration with graphic designers there for exhibition and possible publication.

This game’s rules will be the laws governing the process of assigning value to organic activity. These laws will be studied in the second part of the process in another workshop. The motivations behind the will to frame a law are unknown. They are a curious mixture of morality, ethics and spirituality. This deeper understanding of social law will help participants in doing a deeper social analysis and work at the roots of that analysis.

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