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Entertainment is one of the desired outputs of the system. Which system? The system that we operate in. When we are entertained, we feel that life is good. We feel good.

But we cannot be entertained all the time. There are times which are slow. There is a post-entertainment moment which is definitely beyond the scope of how entertainment can affect us.

When we are not entertained, we feel slow. When we feel slow, we feel ignored. We feel that there is no place that holds better prospects for us. Not all slow moments are devoid of hope but when the germ of desolation enters the mix, it all begins to get dark. We are not thinking right when we are desolate. And if we are able to observe our fallacy we are able to snap out of the desolation.

And rightly so. Feeling sad is rational. Feeling depressed is not. The slowness and heaviness in our limbs does not allow us to move. We are not able to do anything. And not being able to do anything pushes us further into desolation. Desolation is just what we feel. Depression is the state. Entertainment is the distraction. It is a small window of time that allows us to look away.

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