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When we emphasise, we select, prioritise and highlight. We say that a specific order is needed in your flow of perception and attention. We direct your mind to observe the material in your viewport more distinctly and refuse to tolerate a haphazard engagement. By emphasising we do not mean to say that the non-emphasised is unimportant or is irrelevant, on the contrary we illustrate an entry point into the mass of content from a specific point. We say that if a particular point of entry has not captured your imagination and allowed you to access the body of the content in a specific way then we can offer you another.

We like to think that of the things which allow you to feel welcome like a puzzle which can only be cracked with attempts that becomes an iterative process that tries out different combinations and tries to arrive at one that works. Your mind is a puzzle. Offering you content that makes sense is a complex process that takes a certain amount of presumptive guesswork as it reflects the continuous process of solving a puzzle and acting on partially-resolved solutions of it. We jump before we know what we are jumping onto and what we are jumping towards. This means that of the many times we offer you content, you perceive it through an unresolved lens and your receive it as more complex than it is.

To avoid that particular situation, we selectively emphasise different parts of the content and give you different points of access. We minimise our risk and we minimise the chances of you getting deluded and lost. For this extra work that we perform spontaneously, we do not ask for any acknowledgement. We do not invoice anyone.

While actually we should invoice you.

But we recuperate the value of that work from you by then exerting a right on a specific window of your time. We do not easily get befuddled with the awkwardness of pushing content through your mind's port of entry. We kind of feel that we own the right to access your port and go ahead and do it.

Emphasis allows us to arrive at a balance in the transactional nature of our exchange and allows us to move on to engaging with other people without feeling any additional burden.

We are naturally able to move forward with our grand project of colonising the world, one mind at a time. When unknowing, unsuspecting minds engage with us, little do they know that we will enter their mind and leave a question there that throbs with so much fervour that it will maim their corrupted desire to be as they are and make them as we need them to be, forever in tune, forever available to the reception of our transmission.

When we emphasise something, we are of course placing bets, but we are also exposing you to the corrosive power of different weans that we have. We are training you to deal with us, to put up an honourable defence and in demanding us to offer some deliberation to the condition of your mind.

When we talk to you, we make you feel special.

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