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Blur and shuffle

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Everything you read is hollow and and is an attempt to fool you. If the text you read is fragmented and reassembled, it will still make as much sense as it does now - which is nothing at all.

Because we understand the situation, the meaning that we want to convey is configured for different configurations already. You can read the same text in multiple arrangements and it still makes sense. When we blur and shuffle the text that you are reading, you could either get confused or you get enlivened. You could finally receive the transmission that you have been waiting for all your life. But, before you start celebrating, we request you to wait and watch.

In the moment that you try and read the text through a blur and shuffle lens, a variety of different meanings are incident on your mind and they are processed almost simultaneously for meaning. In this process, there is a kind of cross-connection that happens that manages to inter-mingle different strands of concurrent episodes of incidence. And you could make an accidental meaning from the text. You not only make a meaning that the text was not trying to make, but one that the author had hidden away into the realms of impossibility. Writers frequently do that. When they write a piece, they know all the possible meanings that could be projected on a piece. But of these, they are biased towards a few and they load their intent into a few and then they hide away the rest in a place they fathom that nobody will ever be able to access.

All these multiples of hidden meanings rise up to the surface when the blur and shuffle lens is in operation. It is not like coding and decoding, it is about accessing the accidental potential of noise as a mode of dissemination.

The blur and shuffle lens is also a mechanism that can limit the layers of meaning that can be accessed from any entity to the potential of this specific moment. Only what is due to you at this point on the script will be delivered to you, there is no scope to actually engage with greed at all. You cannot get more than what has been allocated to you. You can only manage to get what you deserve.

So who is part of the jury? Who will actually decide what you deserve? There is no possibility of judgement in the system, just an urge to strike equilibrium. In a moment of mathematical anxiety, the system arrives at a particular value to be assigned to you and then proceeds to assign it. It arrives at this specific assignment value by gauging the values assigned to everyone else and then deciding what needs to be assigned to you. The everyone in this context is your near neighbourhood. Whom do you hangout with? Most actors in the system hangout with others in their ilk and others like them. A self-similarity algorithm and a set formation is deployed.

When the blur and shuffle operates, suddenly all those who vouch for a singular truth run and hide for cover as they cannot handle the anxiety of being proved wrong. How can one surface yield multiple truths? How can there be a spectral nature to what seemed to be a flat and dull plane?

The quality of the lens is decided by the material available to play with, if there are less home truths hidden in a particular corpus of text, then more has to be generated. If the text is richly adorned with meaning, then less has to be done. The lens decides its own opacity and quality of distortion.

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