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Water is the source of erotica.

Erotics is a way of enjoying sensory experience that does not try to make meaning.

When all incident experience on my emotional palette goes straight into my processing queue, when cognition is produced as a natural extension of sensory experience.

Water is not liquid. That is just a form.

Water is the acidic substance that our system uses as fuel to be able to conjure experience in the first place.

When water and neural impulse mix, a liquid impulse is created, liquid impulses can flow to any corner of the body and create a kind of sentient chemical. This chemical directly converts sensation to experience without any delay.

The immediacy of water is something that allows it to exist both as a material that can douse thirst and as a musical medium that can create a sonic resonance when struck.

To strike water it first has to be constrained in a container.

Containers of course have their own material properties that affect the sound produced when they are struck. The sound of water cannot be accessed directly.

The sound of water is the desire of water. The desire of water is erotic.

To listen to the desire of water, a kind of filter is needed. The filter in question is a listening device. This device can filter the sound of water from the sound of the container. To access the sound of water directly is not a trivial thing. It is an explosive trigger. After the specific sound has been incident on your ears, your hunger can be activated.

What to do with this hunger is not up to you.

This hunger has to be dealt with dignity as it is produced as a direct result of exposure to erotic desire.

With this hunger you can even start accessing the source.

But there is no source. So when you access it you hit a blank. You come up on an empty bracket.

Empty brackets are rather explosive because anything can be included in them at a moment's notice. One moment it is just benign emptiness and at another it is filled with gun-powder waiting for a spark. This last-minute, just-in-time swapping of the content of brackets is possible because brackets are inert structures. Their overt form has been accommodated in the system but their content has not been taken into account. In mathematics this construct of brackets carries over quite consistently. The notions and symbols in the brackets are to be computed before the ones outside the bracket. The space inside the bracket is a combined space in unison. It cannot be broken up into sub-units.

The idea of the source as a variable bracket accessed by listening to the sound of water filtered out from the sound of the container in which the water is placed is offered here.

Water is short-hand for an active zone of erotic impulse that is potent enough to be a sustainable emotional driver for experience.

Only the erotic impulse has escaped this museum's shrine every now and then. A fluctuating, unpredictable force that buoys up and down, in and out regularly.

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