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Where does everything come from? Being in the here and now, we can reflect on the nature of our roots.

Roots are loaded in potency. They either tell us of the history and so give us the determining information about the current state. Or they offer us room for analysis of the antecedents, what came before. Seeking to trace the root of anything in particular reflects a dissatisfaction, an inability to accept the face of information. It reflects an investigative urge.

Knowing more about the root will not help.

When you reach the root of it, you will realise that it is just another item of information. It is not a detail, additional information that illustrates the cryptic information at hand. It is just a proxy. Because consciousness lacks a core. The texture of consciousness is consistent across all the surfaces and bodies of life that it passes through. And if it is consistent, some parts cannot be more dense than other. Existence of a core is an impossibility. Roots are either another shape of the ordinary or they are nothing.

As an act of deflection, seeking a connection with the root of the matter is maybe a useful tactic. The act conveys that nothing is worth weeding through to understand the present moment. So if you want us to focus and be in this moment, sorry we cannot oblige. The only way we can deal with the bluntness of reality is by pretending to be too busy to engage. We seek the source, we worry about understanding the basis of all things so that no one asks us to be attentive and accept the blandness of the taste of currentness.

We are condemned to put up an act of desperately trying to pick the lock because we have to project an earnest curiosity to find the answer.

If we do not play this role well, we run the risk of being asked to step aside and give someone else a chance.

The root of the matter is actually that we drift in and out of events and knowing more about this free form theatre is not going to help us be more directed or insightful about our actions.

Living in a way that finds content in rootlessness is essential because that is how we can survive in this dimension. If we need to survive the pain of finding nothing, we have to stop searching.

Roots stink of stale dreams. They stink of how hard you tried once to trace the ancestry of the smell. The fact needs to be spelled out: roots are necessary to imprison the movement of plants. Rest is all projection.

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