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Can you do what nature does?

Our notions of quality come from nature. We see seamless fruit hanging from the trees and we wonder if we can ever make things like that.

For a long period of human civilisation, humans have struggled with the idea of quality. We have been able to make a lot of things but we have not been able to make things which are natural enough. Moulds have a crease, craft has a history, art has a posture.

Natural objects have neither, they seem like they have existed in perpetuity in the form that they make themselves available in.

How is quality to be achieved?

How do you escape the inevitable history of fabrication that the world carries on its back?

When a made object betrays its craft, we get thinking of the silence that produced it. Production always happens because of a lack of conversation. Conversation and debate keep labour inactive. A thinking populace cannot be active. When a patch of silence becomes insurmountable and intolerable, something gets produced.

One way to continually produce objects which look natural is to first seek machines that produce discourse automatically and continuously. Such machines will kill silence. Once silence is dead production will become impossible. If such machines are attached to a broadcast mechanism then the world can be flooded with thought, speech and the invisible particles of simulated mental energy. If the air is always vitiated with the thickness and intensity of activity then there will be no possibility of production. If there is no production then things will be born of a different process.

Natural objects are seamless because they grow one particle at a time. They stack up volume across the linearity of time and emerge full-bodied and complete at some time.

But how do we grow things that do not exist already?

How do we create objects that exist in our fantasy landscape already and need to break out into plastic space to complete our reality? Is there some magical field where we can grow things?

A kind of resource that can bring things into existence by holding them in thought is needed.

Anyone can go to this resource and solicit a kind of reality. Anyone can solicit the privilege of being real for something that they hold in their mind.

Such a magic wand, such a facility has existed so far only for imaginative workers who have a skill to craft plastic reality through their media. But this ability is going to be seen as magic now and opened up to everyone, made accessible to anyone who solicits.

Things will be natural born then. Objects will not have a crease or joint. Everything will be distinctly seamless.

We will achieve a quality life then.

We will be able to look at nature confidentially without being drowned in awe and shame.

At that point our social construct will support the imagination of art and creativity, because a crucial social function will be performed by art. Artists will be responsible for smelling air and bringing things into plastic existence. Thought to matter, across minds, on active solicitation will be possible.

A mix of belief and the shamanic science of procreation without sex will reside in the potential of art.

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