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Viewership tags: hoax sshop

When you watch a film you are walking into a puddle of wet mud. Like participating in cross-talk, cinema has the firepower to ignite many cross-polarities and trigger an explosion. Which web of connections has the potential to lead to a tumbleweed of explosions? When do you escape the safe area? All thoughts are only partially thought. You never have the time to follow a trail of thought all the way to achieve a closure. So your head is full of these live exposed webs of wires. Also you have no…


Self-manipulation tags: sshop

When you are able to get over your own hunger, you will be able to perform self-manipulation. Till that point you will remain vulnerable. You will remain vulnerable because your hunger will make you do things that are not in your best interest. But what is the best interest? Where does our sense of priority about a set of possible outcomes come from? The best outcomes are considered in relation to our own objectives. We are desiring machines. We do not just desire outcomes, we desire causal…


Act tags: field sshop

I can be whomever I choose to be. Because our waking life has nothing to do with our actual state of being. We are lost in a dream. We are so lost that we do not even know that we are in a dream. This makes it possible to state this. Acting is possible. And therefore we know that we are within a dream. Else how could we experience free will? And because we experience it, it is very difficult for us to think that this experience is false. We cling on to this experience as if it were the only…


Scanning tags: famine sshop

Scanning is an inferior optic process. It accesses through a surface grazing just the key concepts of a text but not any other. Any given text is more than just a sum of its key points. There are hidden nuggets which can be accessed only on deep reading. And scanning is not deep reading. Scanning is insulting to the text. The angst of recurrent insult builds up and eventually comes lashing out at the moment of eventual transmission. The point when a set of eyeballs actually manage to read the…


Value tags: value sshop

Exchange can only happen when there is an agreement on a common notion of value. Establishing this common notion is an important role and function of culture. This function is performed very slowly and sometimes take a whole generation. Because of the speed of this operation, any possible change of the common notion of value is almost impossible. But still most of us hold on to their notions of value dearer than their notions of themselves. I would like to design games (not digital,…