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Transactions can either signify the exchange, the value or the willingness to be absorbed inside a sequence of give and take. You cannot co-opt someone who is not willing to transact. That is a problem with those who are generous and those who are greedy - they do not reflect the desired parity in the likely candidates for being involved in a transaction. For transacting, ideally a candidate should want to give something and take something in exchange. The candidate needn’t be experiencing lack in any way but should be willing to get a bit unsettled from his or her possessions. If the candidate is content in any way, she is not suitable for participating in a transaction.

We propel our social life with transactions, even if we do not want anything conventional, we need desire. If we do have any desire, then we get excluded from the market and being excluded from the market makes us inaccessible.

Often the market is the only way of accessing a commodity. If there is no access to the commodity the trade stops.

To remain relevant, it is necessary to know and state one’s trading terms. Often these are the transaction details. For how much? Where? In which currency? Under what name? And on whose terms? What kind of negotiation can take place and how will it happen?

If we do not do that, and we still expect a reward then we are at fault and we cannot fault the system for that. We are at fault because we have not stated how the system should reward us if it wants to but we still expect a reward. Our desires are out of sync with our ambition.

But dealing with an unreasonable set of desires that we hold in our heart is still something that we can do. It might not be a practical thing to do, it might not be something that will help us realise our ambition, but it is the only thing we can do. Even if we are doing an unreasonable thing - chasing an unreasonable desire, we are getting to know our own true nature more. At some point our self-knowledge will lead us towards an intervention that will synchronise our ambition with our desire.

So our shop needs to be full of merchandise. Products need to be ready for exchange with anyone who is happy to exchange cash for the privilege of ownership.

Why do collectors want to buy our products. At a certain time we will become our projections. Our projections are larger than our selves. Our projections seem precious and charmed. At that time the only way to buy and possess a piece of us will be to buy one of our products. But then our products will have an inflated price. But will you be taken in by our projections and hedge on our products till the time that we catch up with them?

Our products embody us and are our representatives. We cannot make merchandise that is only a brand extension. We make merchandise that is an extension of whoever we think we are.

Our products are not our residue, they are the matter which will leave some residue behind. They extend our body.

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