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Nothing can be remembered. Remembering is like time-travel, time-travel is impossible. What happens is that you and me go around, and stuff happens and then time passes and we mistakenly feel that that stuff happened to us. I mean, as far as I can fathom, continuity is a fiction we concoct to smooth the bumpy ride through life. We really need to believe this life-story thing. This personal-panorama-in-the-head thing. Else think of the way it would be, we would have to be honest. Faces remain the same, emotions disappear and we would be making friends with the same person a million times. So nostalgia is misremembering.

Much like the myth of the persistence of vision, the persistence of narration is a block of fiction around which our whole culture is organized.

So then nostalgia is not possible. But like time-travel, we still desire it. This said desire is so strong that we make ourselves sick. I am sick. And now I am ok.

So what is the process to heal? Is something like Nostalgia Therapy formulated yet? If not can we do so asap? Nostalgia Therapy would (over time) discourage the tendency to be nostalgic. There I even have a one liner.

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