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The social used to be of a different nature. Agreed. But who will peg a value at what that nature was? Who will reminiscence about it on this fresh day, in this real time. With the fresh stink of the living around you, who will go get stuck in the past. It is difficult, for that past is a black and white movie. As fake as it gets.

I think of more things than mourning the arrival of this moment. Of more than being apprehensive of its validity. More than assuming that there is de-sync somewhere. Between what the moment that ought to arrive and the moment that is here. A resignation to what is there doesn't happen often enough. After this resignation there can be a tactical engagement in manipulation. There can be a projection of desire. But like shuffling for political power, this has something to do with mass resonance. "What do people want?" An authorial reading of the world is difficult to digest. It is all very well that the traumas churning in your belly are disturbing you. But does it need resolution or does it need catharsis? I will leave the answer to you.

Education is the redundant, deprecated act of learning faux-analysis. "Sure, I can look at the world like that. But I know it is only to display my venom. And extract value against critique-point. I never bite, who really bites?" The idea of the real-world is the only idea the institution of education teaches well.

We decided to not go for education and did DIY-style picking-up-at-large. We mixed up things, distorted perspectives and were not too sincere in absorbing anything. This has meant that the value and devaluation of education are evenly balanced in the taste in my mouth. I am a monster of another unique description. That description can not be spelt out so easily. It has to be written in your head. Why should I take on the delirious job of representing myself to you? I will pass.

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