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Misremembering tags: unfulfilled desire time-travel memory

Nothing can be remembered. Remembering is like time-travel, time-travel is impossible. What happens is that you and me go around, and stuff happens and then time passes and we mistakenly feel that that stuff happened to us. I mean, as far as I can fathom, continuity is a fiction we concoct to smooth the bumpy ride through life. We really need to believe this life-story thing. This personal-panorama-in-the-head thing. Else think of the way it would be, we would have to be honest. Faces remain…

Nostalgia tags: memory loops

A pattern of memory (or memorizing) that gazes at times past. The fixation with the past is usually the case, though it is possible in twister-like-lives-that-we-lead to be nostalgic about the future. As a desire which is now past a time when it has an empathic place in our programmes, we steal away and perform nostalgia and beat ourselves for it. This catalog will share personal stories, reflecting full lives, told betraying emotion of experience, loops not left untied, hopes realized in struggle.

Nostalgia is the source of fiction. Like we can be nostalgic about the future, we can be nostalgic about the past that never was. We err equally often to err on the side of the tragic and blissful. We invent trauma and invest bliss, equally as often. For no particular reason than literary pursuit.

For, the trouble has always been, that we are flawed and incomplete characters. A sketch cannot escribe me fully. It is always a slice. Elsewhere you can understand more about the crimes designed into this system. The crimes which get syndicated infrequently and deliver the buzz.

Closure tags: memory contraption congestion

The desire to reach the end of loops, to escape recursions is basic and maybe even universal. But it is impossible to achieve, impossible to consummate. Invented narratives try to fill-in what experience doesn't provide. The unspoken is doubly spoken to make sure that the silence is not jarring. Open loops of experience, of give and take leak memory. Bog the system down, invent states of business even in comparatively unoccupied times. Lack of closure is also one of the reasons to live, drag on…