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We are forever here. We may feel like escaping sometimes, but there is no hope and we have to sit here and witness the unfolding of events. We can be decisive, though. We can decide to not let things slide and operate in a manner that other parties do not have to threaten us with dire consequences. When we do the opposite, we seem as if we are not interested and not worried, we tempt the other party to catch us by surprise. If we do what we are supposed to do, we need not operate under any fear. Fear is only a symptom of non-optimal work process. We live our lives and are afraid that the unforeseen will happen. We are looking over our shoulders, as we cross the road. Will some speeding vehicle come and crash into us? Our lives are fragile and a moment’s mistake might kill us. We have no guarantee that we will survive.

The doers believe that doing optimal action will bear optimal fruit. But it does not work that way. Even if we do nothing and even if we do as we are told only, the results can be very good. There is no judge, sitting somewhere to evaluate what we do. People just land up at the end of our process and see what we have to show. If we do not make a specific effort to configure what we are showing, then we are expecting too much of others. We expect them to actually make the effort, enter our world and bestow a value upon what we are and what we do. This is rare and does not ever happen.

Expecting to be understood for what we are internally is a flawed concept.

We live as misunderstood people, and we are pained by the fact that we are misunderstood. Acting is an essential. We have to act out what we can only experience inside. Till we act out our internal experience, nobody else can approximate our value. When we get our chance to be in the spotlight and do something, we cannot wait to be understood. We have to pitch ourselves. When we pitch ourselves, we have a reasonable chance of being fielded and received.

If on the other hand, we live as we live. Behind opaque windows, behind walls which block all views, we are merely being content with living as empty figure-heads. Never proven, never heard and never accepted.

There is no way of living inside a cocoon and still feel like we are contributing to a landscape. Closed windows are only thin walls.

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