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The Museum of Vestigial Desire


What we hear travels through air to somehow reach our ears. The air is also throbbing with the vibrations of our presence. When we hear each other in close proximity, we become involved. This involvement is necessary for any philosophical questioning to be performed.

Phil-K is a platform for such sounds to emerge and find resonance. We work on these tracks as a means of developing a parallel system of pedagogic material. So when you cannot read because there is too much you have read already, you can hear us and have a probing conversation with yourself.

It is not entirely clear if sound came first or the word, and for us the ambiguous position of that fact works. We do not try to let either take precedence, we do not try to let sound drift into ambient comfort that soothes us back to sleep. We had a hard time waking up and we desire to remain awakened.

The Surface (LIVE session in Mumbai)


Khaali Dukaan (LIVE session in Baroda)






Rehearsing the advertisement (LIVE session in Ahmedabad)