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We periodically publish documents that offer a distilled version of what we otherwise develop at this Museum. These documents are meant for being applied to ongoing narrative, processes and personal journeys. While we do not offer any guarantees, we actually do. Each tenet in the documents we offer is a matter of living practice for us. We do not engage with theory, we synthesise theory by looking at ourselves.

Documents have versions and editions. We keep reading our texts again and again and we make varied meaning from them in order to re-align them, position them differently and dis-regard the context they emerged from.

We publish because we feel we need to add to the ongoing flow of material. What exists does not reflect us. We need to not just offer ourselves, but we also need to offer a tentative reflection of ourself in order to be available for narrative extrapolation.

The Surface of Knowledge

Charter of the Surface

The Surface of Knowledge 2

The Surface of Knowledge (edited)

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