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The Museum of Vestigial Desire


How do we document the process of our learning? If we chronicle our ways of learning, if we identify the surfaces that are available and ready to reveal themselves constantly, then we must record them. Else what function do we provide to the many lost and wandering who wonder if there is anything at all out there?

We care for the lost and wandering because often we are lost too. Overtime we find our way out of a maze, the maze does not remain a maze. It becomes another location with a map. Getting lost is not easy, it is difficult. We have to constantly search for new locations that are entirely unknown to us. We want to know that which we acknowledge is unknown.

A picture, sound or a few words, each can be surfaces for interaction and subsequent study. We only commit to offer something of use, we do not insist that you use it. But if you do, your world will become a little bit more surfatial. Flat, approachable and real.