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News used to be circulated as gossip. Later some of it was verified to become validated as real news and the other gossip propagated as a sort of fan-fiction. Grapevines developed out of the secret societies that helped circulate gossip and assumed the role of documented grey markets of information.

When the world get enmeshed together and politics no longer remained a sport with only local players, these grapevines needed to be institutionalised and developed into organisations with its tentacles spread far and wide.

Some of these organisations became wire agencies that essentially supplied information that might get picked up and become news. And some of these organisations actually became publishing channels specialising in analysing, filtering and colouring supplied information with their biases.

Today it is no longer possible to separate news from gossip. It is no longer possible to live in insulation. So between the continuous supply of news and its undulating quality we can often be helpless. But of course the fact is that for us being helpless is only a mask of emotion that we can wear to delude society into thinking that we are a spent force. And then we mount our own attack on the news industry. But we do not have anything to do with the industry or with the ecosystem of journalists. We just act as lenses and help people in reading the news that is already produced in different ways.

It does not matter what the story is, we can twist it in any direction to script it as our own fiction.

When we do this we are able to transform the landscape of this world. The events that unfold, in situations that unravel render the world as a place of a different nature than the one which loses itself in its ordinariness. People make a different set of assumptions about the history of the human race and its story. The idea of human nature acquires a different meaning.

My audience is open to transformation. It is open to be taken on such a spin that it never spirals back down. They come to us with eyes wanting to open-up in wonder. They come to us desiring an exquisite dream. We of course give it to them. Every morning the newspaper is delivered to our home and every morning people come to us to listen to our stories. They go back with a lot of relief and glory. We realise that what we do for them is nothing short of wrenching the dull world from their consciousness.

These sessions are addictive though and we find the people who once start coming, come regularly forever. They never move away and organise their whole life around attending our morning sessions. We do not even know if death interrupts the flow of attendance for these sessions as we constantly feel that this house we live in is haunted with beings without bodies.

In our sessions, the style of our narrative differs from time to time but the nature of our stories remains the same. We make it possible for people to exist in worlds which they have participated in constructing. Listening and consistently engaging is a participative act in many ways and we bask in the attention that we receive every morning.

If you do not have a participative engagement with the news of the world, if you consume whatever you are offered, your world will remain a dull place. You will keep waiting for things to happen and you will keep feeling that things happen in everyone's life but yours.

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