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If you need to your choice of markers to be confirmed by a validating agency of any kind, you are already in grave danger. Grave danger of being left behind in our version of the great leap forward. In our great leap forward, we sent out invitations to everyone to come and hear us tell them a whole new story about how we can discard our baggage of social conventions and forge together a social bond. We sent out these invitations via post and digital mail but we did not wait for anyone to turn up. Much before anyone confirmed, we staged our performance. We delivered our new vision out into the empty spaces, in the absence of of any other body. We did send out the invitations for a reason. The reason being that the invitations were rigged, on being read we got to know that the invitation was perceived to be an important gesture. The people we invited assumed an elated, grand-standing, they assumed that we were putting ourselves aside and asking them to come and be the audience. They assumed that for us they were so important they they became the sole anchors of the entire experience.

At that moment we decided that we will not wait for our guests. We decided to go ahead with transmitting our message into the pristine channel of time itself. And through time everything suspended as magma, as particles and objects in time will get touched with our message. We decided to confirm ourselves, let there not be any leak in our attention body that could short-circuit our very presence. Confirmation has become a stigma, the medicine-man has to confirm our maladies, psychiatrists have to confirm our sanity, gurus have to confirm our spiritual advancement. Beyond this cycle there is nothing really. Nothing. Till we establish that zone of unconfirmed, psychotic space where music can take over and construct harmonies.

In the intimate performance that we put up all by ourselves, hurling ourselves into the air like pollen, we had a peaceful time. Our rapidly calming minds gradually enveloped themselves in a sheath of icy stillness. Then there was no passage of wind rustling through the tunnels of our thoughts. That calm didn't last, but it was good enough to know that it was even possible.

Now we think about setting up mechanisms for letting more celebrations happen in this chamber of multifarious unconfirmed universes. We are thinking of ways in which we can let these celebrations break into carnivals of infinite self-restrained energy. Below the stormy sea, let the calm undercurrent flow and even be disinterested in what happens elsewhere.

The conflict with unconfirmed entities of at first instance of identity. How do you know anyone? How do you make out people from their impersonators? Unconfirmed identities can float around like ghost entities, unmarked envelopes and anonymous mails addressed to no one in particular. Accommodating this dependence of identities on confirmation, for practical reasons we do not practice any identity verification processes at all. When somebody claims to be someone, we accept it. We do not contest. The courage and the moral flexibility needed is a rare feature and the incidence of its presence in people we meet is a rare event. We let it pass. If we have an imposter in front of us we figure that it is a symbolic presence. We try to throw our voice further and even think that we are engaging in a public address. Talking to someone in particular, but because their presence is not confirmed, choosing to talk to a wider group, distilling the content of the conversation down to the core essence. Filtering out the banter, the small talk, the casual rif-raf.

This is not a very bizarre situation, this puts us in the position of the fool at the podium, addressing the millions of imaginary people in the crowd maybe more often then most people. But just to hear the grain of our voices in duet, at the specific frequency at which they thin down to a brilliant, clear harmony is quite something. And the geyser in our heart says that we would like everyone to hear their own harmonies too.

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