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The animal is the one pure state of consciousness that we can observe. Revealing the codes of nature if there is such a thing.

Animals have the capacity to disbelieve in everything. As a limitation in the transmission of inter-special communication. They can't afford to get distracted from the balance of being an animal. One wrong move and they get damned into timelessness of being human. They really protect their earned grace. Freed of the doubt forever, not being able to question itself again. The transition of becoming an it from a he or she is quite remarkable. And it has not happened in a moment. It is a slow transition and it happens across millennia. But even if you relocate the problem, the coordinates remain the same. Deflecting impossibility with the slowness of time doesn't really work because beyond a point no body really cares about how long it took as long it is really there. So getting away from the gymnastics of grey area, we will accept that the progression of evolution was reversed. That humanity is really the deep, far end and that the animals are ahead of us in the game. To accept that will be painful. The thought violates religion, folklore and everything that led us to have the privilege of wilfully stooping lower than ever thought possible, the privilege of developing a culture, of claiming autonomy, of being lost but having the insolence of driving on at full blaze.

But let's suppose for a moment that this has been accepted by everyone. It has taken a million years, and it took forever but now the struggle is over. The pill has travelled its journey down into the core of the system and now it is melting away in the chemicals and oxidants. Human civilisation still continues, it just learns to live in the underground. No magnanimity of the power of intentions, no grand narrative of religion, no disappointment with modernity. Perspectives have changed and the animal is worshipped as a deity. There is a lot of space for the enshrinement of any animal at any time. There is no qualification, no differentiation, no analysis of the animal. They are understood as the future and not the past, no one dares to bat an eyelid, think about animals in anything but purely adulatory terms.

In the sky the constellations used to depict giants among men. The system of constellations was not something made up by us but was given to us by the animals at the moment civilisation birthed. The animals observed men closely and developed models which became forms which the constellations depicted. These models have more than casual curiosity value in the world, they became the defining symbols of being human. If a long and turbulent night keeps you awake, you just need to look at the sky and recover your bearings.

Animals don't need any guidance, any reason to think twice. Any reason to feel that the brashest possible action possible at each moment is not the best action. Any philosophy, any cult, any revelation which places faith in the consistency of human action and human desire is flawed. If on the other hand, if what is proposed is an invisible governance of sorts, that theorises and postulates itself after the fact; which smells the air after catastrophes but doesn't be a soothsayer or a traffic police suggesting course correction is fine of course. And fine means, I will be enthusiastic enough to be an active foot-soldier of the insurrection, of the expansion drive.

In the future that animals will stand tall in front of our race, whip us into submission; the self-destructive tendencies in our bloodstream won't disappear. They will become like ghosts who posses bodies randomly and perform zombie-action. The zombie-acts will become unexplainable episodes, irrational orgies which map the mystique of the psyche. Then the psyche will be pure enigma, no scope for the intervention of psychoanalysis. Animus will be the nugget, the essence, the clear silver lining that science and religion both agree as the ultimate progression. In such a world there will be an abundance of Buddha-like figures roaming around. Humanity will just be understood as a retarded form of the animal.

In that world an equity could be actually be a viable dream. Humans will actually give a fuck enough to not stoop so low as to get a crick in the back. And for harmony and happiness there are two scenarios.

One, with there being no gender-imbalance; violent-crime, border-control or terrorism as transgressions won't be possible, there won't be any way to cross the line as there will be nowhere to go after the crossing. If animism synthesises the human in a culture of constraints, ethics and fair-play become codified as natural processes.

Two, there will be an excess of all forms of deviances, a mainstreaming of crime and a fearlessness about trying new things out. So the advancement will be the disappearance of guilt and the impossibility of admission. There is no harm in doing evil if you are not going to feel bad about it later. Somehow this excess will also help to contain and reign-in the quantum of perversion and nihilism in the system. We like to do evil because we love to regret it. If you take away the regret then evil is no much fun any more. We are no longer craving for it.

And so, harmony and happiness shall return to this planet.

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