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Who is a user? tags: distinction

Users are people who are relegated no agency in the product lifecycle. They only receive the benefit of the product and offer participation and membership in the community surrounding the product. Users are consumers. When they have an extended role in the product lifecycle, they are called prosumers. Prosumers labour without expecting a reward that equals the value of their labour. They get willingly exploited in exchange for functionality. The functionality often offers them a critical use…

Animal tags: distinction anthropocentric

The animal is the one pure state of consciousness that we can observe. Revealing the codes of nature if there is such a thing. Animals have the capacity to disbelieve in everything. As a limitation in the transmission of inter-special communication. They can't afford to get distracted from the balance of being an animal. One wrong move and they get damned into timelessness of being human. They really protect their earned grace. Freed of the doubt forever, not being able to question itself…