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We are in a field. Our value in the field is equal to the total value of the field divided by the number of entities in the field (fx). We can never rise above the field. We are part of the field automatically as we start producing. For, the field comprises of those who produce or actively contemplate production.

What does it mean to be a part of the field? Does it imply any code of conduct? To remain a part of the field, one must not choose to rise above it. Yearning for distinction in any form might pull us out of the field and into some substrate above it. What this means is that almost everyone we know in the field is working hard to get out of it. What is so painful about being a part of the field? What is painful about non-distinction?

Our economy is constructed around the fact that only a few can be rewarded. There are a limited number of slots and these slots are filled by those who can concoct a story that makes them appear as special and distant. The economy and the field do not follow the same logic. Whereas one is interested in keeping the its terrain more or less flat, the other wants the highlights on the terrain because it cannot possibly deal with everything.

But distinction comes at a price. Once you are distinct, your value is more than the value of an average field entity (fx). This moves us out of the field. Our claim is that distinction is opposed to the culture of the field (the reason maintaining fx is so important). What is the culture of the field? The culture of the field is to constantly be a site for emergence. Distinction is opposed to emergence, to generation. If there is no spotlight on you, you can generate as much as as often as you can or want. This generation is actually a field condition and every field entity is exported to produce constantly.

But for those who are already distinct, the flavour of distinction has to be sustained. There is no field dynamics anyway - so the flavour of distinction has to be forged into a story. And this story has to justify the distinction. The logic of the distinct non-field actors is to justify their own distinction and establish their story. They have to say that they are distinct because they are better and not because their desire for distinction outweighed their desire to constantly produce and remain an indistinct part of the field.

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