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Victory is for fools.

For the level-headed, victory is only temporary. It is not a point of arrival, it reflects only the coordinates of the passage. It reflects only a brief moment of closure. The brief closure also indicates the frame-rate of your experience of the world. The brief victory becomes exaggerated in scale because your frame-rate is very low.

Victory definitely has something to offer though.

Every time you pass through one cycle of victory you get a small reward. The reward can be collected by anyone who is at that place and only happens to be collected by you.

What is this reward?

This reward is the sweet experience of victory. There is nothing else that you have accomplished, there is no other milestone that you have crossed. There is just a place that dispenses cash if there is someone to collect it. The moment is important.

If victory had something to do with what you have done or are doing, it would get very complex. That would mean a validation of your position. Such a validation is in a way co-relating game world victory with finding a resolution to the rut of life. There is no resolution to the rut of life except in escaping or suffering it. Resolution implies that you become immune to a specific rut in question. The possibility of such a victory exaggerates the risk of doing anything at all in the world out there because unlike a game world victory which can be practiced and rehearsed till victory is achieved. There is no practise time in the world out there. If you burn your fingers, you burn your fingers. The only thing to do then is to seek therapy for your burns.

The world offers us very few chances to win because we encounter things either after we have lost interest in them or before we are ready. We never figure how to encounter things at the right time.

Cultural associations with winning seek to celebrate the rare sync of ability, experience and happening.

What happens after you win? You start losing. Why does that happen?

Syncs don't last. The chances of a sync being continuous are very less.

If you win once, you actually hasten your loss. It will happen surely, sooner or later.

So why does anyone want to win at all? If there is sign of bad fortune on our horizon we will stay as far away from it as possible. The obsession with even momentary victory is more of a trauma that haunts people than a wilful flirtation with disaster. This trauma is very dark and murky. It is like dark sticky chocolate.

This trauma and its agony drives people to do things that pushes them out of their joy dimension. Tortured by the agony of this trauma, people lock themselves up into a rat race and resign themselves to a life that essentially performs a futile wait for a moment of sync.

Victory is a result of trauma.

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