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Games are sexual.

Games are propelled only by the force-field of sexual tension.

Sexual tension is reductive in nature. It wants to reduce the number of bodies bound in the tension to one.

Sexual energy is very short-sighted. It is desperate to get a closure. Any attempt to shape it leads to perversion. Any cross-linking between the energy and any other important emotional core of the self is an error. It is an error because of its repercussions.

Sexual energy is a big deal because if it involves another person and is not entirely about self-pleasure then it is an inherently social process and as a civilisation, the social cues that we have to follow are not standardised based on our life-form but are based on a cultural process.

For people who grow up in freak environments, it is next to impossible to develop any social skills at all.

People with no social skills don't get to have any sex at all.

This is a difficult thing to accept. You are a human being, a kind of animal with a sophisticated set of social cues and cultural practices, there is nothing that you are endowed with to make sure that you continue existing.

If you are born in isolation and allowed to be, you will never have a progeny. As far as evolution is concerned, the good karma that your genes have earned will be lost forever. This is something peculiar. The future of a species can't be locked into the existence of skills that have to be learnt and for which a standard way of learning and knowledge acquiring does not exist.

Because of this dependency of the expression of sexuality on social skills, perversion happens. Perversion happens in multiple ways. Some seek the fulfilment of sexual angst through unsolicited means, some through innocent activities and some through an altogether different set of emotions than those designed through evolutionary means to handle the hunger of sex.

Game-worlds become surrogates for sex.

Seeking, lusting after and playing a system with a fixed rule-set satisfies the emotions which exist in the neurotic grid of emotions around the coordinates of the sexual urge. Half the battle is won just on engagement.

Winning or losing offer a simulated experience of orgasm. If you are into sadism you go for winning, if you are into masochism you go for loss.

Sex as a platonic activity, devoid of emotional hunger as long gone defunct.

Today sex has become deviated and distorted enough to not need sex at all.

Is the survival of the species at risk?

After some time, there will be no need to be a part of a social flux and seek a sexual partner. People will just play games and maybe masturbate if the need exists.

Why has this point come? What has caused the fall of one of our base desires? How did we become asexual beings from sexual beings? Asexuality is such an undesired state that it is classified as a symptom of sexual dysfunction, mental illness. This is an impossible accusation, if this were true then it would never happen. A species will never work itself towards extinction.

Everyone wants to survive. If raw sexual energy, devoid of distortions and deviations, was important for survival then no distortions would be possible to begin with.

Our perversions will show us all a new way to survive.

Evolution cracks riddles, have an appetite for them.

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