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Sociality tags: syntax

The definition of our audience means that we state our rationale of engagement with society. If we exist in a publicly accessible form, we need to state the scenarios for engagement that exist and be clear about sustaining those scenarios. Otherwise there are course-corrections later that even disrupt prior arrangements. We cannot deal with course-corrections so easily because we resist change that is a more reactionary measure than a natural evolutionary process. We are alright with the idea…

Compression tags: syntax

We value compression over expansion because density demands itself. When we start seeding a message, we feel the pull of invisible attractors. Compressed messages have greater surface tension, consume less attention and require more internal speculation. Messages can a be bit off but have to be chewed on and digestion has to be attempted slowly and hesitantly. When we look around, compression is at a minimal level. The vestiges of messages are either offered at their face value or they are so…