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We value compression over expansion because density demands itself. When we start seeding a message, we feel the pull of invisible attractors. Compressed messages have greater surface tension, consume less attention and require more internal speculation. Messages can a be bit off but have to be chewed on and digestion has to be attempted slowly and hesitantly.

When we look around, compression is at a minimal level. The vestiges of messages are either offered at their face value or they are so thin, light and loosely packed that they do not offer me sufficient flesh to sink teeth into. The least we demand from the producers of noise and meaninglessness in our environment is that they give us sufficient depth of material to bite into and suck the juice in. Noise that is loose and amorphous needs to be contained in a form. This containment needs to happen like an entrapment process. Density needs to be achieved. Closely packed noise triggers off sparks which can possibly self-ignite itself into a flame of meaning, which at some point actually becomes a message. Density is the key. Then everything else follows.

So we gather fragments from all over the landscape and we bake surfaces with compressed packages of these fragments. This gathering exercise is rather romantic. We travel far and wide and meet people and engage in conversations and gather material. We gather fragments of would-be messages through conversations. These conversations are immersive and they flirt dangerously close as if suggesting a personal involvement. These suggestions seem to stage a face that is open and available and confuses people into assuming an eagerness to interpolate. But the truth of the matter is that this is the only face we have and this is the only way we can be. We have to be fully available in these selective windows of time that we have and through this availability scrape together the dust of potential material off the impotent surfaces of the world and attempt this construction.

In compression lies our only hope. If you have to speak, speak less and mean more. If you have to produce material of any kind, make sure it is densely packed with fissile material which can all combust together to yield a message. If fuel is in limited supply, then the more compressed the fissile material is, the better the chances of complete combustion. Complete combustion of an order that digests the entirety of the remnants of direct experience and churns it to yield content is a rarity but the chances of it happening are facilitated by building densities and compressing content.

With enhanced compression, there is more free time for leisure. All the time that you save by spending less time skimming surfaces for feeble content is spent on doing nothing. Time doing nothing is time spent in going nowhere on the random, directionless highway of life. It is a big enough deal. To get time to uncompress, to go nowhere! Now we have a bind. To go nowhere, you have to pack in your content very tight. So tight that it does not have any further space for air anymore. No breathing space, no space for bubbles. Really suffocatingly closely packed!

Compression also follows a higher math. To optimally fill a space with any matter, you have to calculate how many units of matter it will take to fill the space with. This calculation is performed with a conception of three-dimensional crystal-like nano particles. There is only one way to closely pack them together. Imagine a linguistic science that is based on a very high metric of density. The science will look at the white space between characters, words and lines yes but a three-dimensional space, not a flat unit of space. Three-dimensional words closely packed in volumetric space in an order which is precisely arrived at to minimise the incidence of blank space.

Compression allows us to re-programme the cognitive filters of the audience. We are able to solicit attention of a different quality. We do not want the thin casual attention that is offered as a lazy excuse to disinterest. We want the intensive shower of attention that cooperates with our production of intensive surfaces in the act of experience production. We want attention that makes us feel special.

When compressed particles of messages get packed together they also cross-pollinate within their own cluster and generate new seeds of messages that at some point of time, grow into pools of material in their own right.

Weak surfaces can be identified as entities that lack a surface density and surface tension so that they cannot attract other particles strongly enough. The neighbouring ecosystem does not feel any wavering energy-field to deviate from its course and path. So neither is the object established nor the terrain. We need surfaces which are both significant as surfaces of transparence and terrain deformers.

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