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We need to move on. That is a definitive and binding constraint because time's finite nature is a fact. But how will we make choices about our movement. When will we turn and when we go straight. Time takes us forward by default but where are we headed to? We cannot crave for any particular arrival point. We need to think of this journey as one without any fixed destination because we do not know if we will still be alive when this road actually reaches somewhere. Also we do not know if there is somewhere to reach. If this road is a way for us to practice postponement and the benefit of remaining motivated without a visible goalpost. Motivation is a tall order. Our spirit wavers under the heat of of circumstance. We find it difficult to stay motivated and still be vulnerable. We need to remain vulnerable. Else we will establish our own authority and either feel blessed or feel committed to a positivist framework of thinking and doing. As dark as the heart of absolute evil is the missionary heart that professes an affiliation only to well-meaning desires and ambitions. We can neither be absolutely evil of absolutely good. Neither position is capable of holding a mirror to the universe. The situation and narrative of our existence are absolutely unsupportive to a wholesome and consistently motivated behaviour. If we are to remain tuned to our own experience, we are not likely to be motivated and happy for too much of our waking life.

Any general prescription that hopes and claims to repair us needs to acknowledge this. We are broken people and to expect anything else is a fallacy. Because we are broken, we do not have anything to hope for. In our minds we do not hold any future to be better than the holes we currently in. Repair needs to be targeted towards the lowest possible threshold. And the lowest possible threshold in terms of human potential is this - an absolute lack of any motivation. No concern for self-preservation, being utterly broken and disappointed.

It is the mechanic's job in life to be come up with a mechanism that requires no effort from the already-broken system to be able to accept the repair. The system is so broken that it does not even know whether it is broken anymore. The mechanic needs to be aware of this.

All possible repairs need to pass through this filter. This filter applies in a similar way to the case of learning, healing and the reception of art. We have previously spoken of this filter as refraction.

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