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We do not manage to accumulate anything in life. Every kind of value is likely to fade at some point. We live under a shroud of fear. We are afraid of the event that robs us of our register of value. If anything is worth fighting for us, any agent that challenges the logic of our value-system, is suspect to us. It reminds us of the shroud we live under. A fear grips us and prevents us from engaging with this agent. We have to act under the force of this fear. And we deploy a massive force to counter this challenge. We crush the opposition. If we had not done this, this challenge might actually have snowballed into a real threat. Our registry of value might have gotten shattered. And that cannot happen. So we eleminate or decapacitate the challenge.

This game has become about action and reaction. Stimulant and response. The state does not allow the possibility of an antidote's existence. But of course the state will not be able to control the current forever. At some point it is bound to get tired and crumble.

To be alive for such a long time, we must regulate the intensity of our experience and really become dull, distant and plain. If we are always as brilliant as a fire, we will get exhausted at some point. We must prevent this from happening. We won't succeed in stopping or reversing our inevitable mortality but we will manage to slow down our own momentum, the velocity with which we are hurtling ourselves through the corridors of time. If we slow ourselves down, we will remain present for a very long time. We might defeat our own mortality by making it stretch and bend across such vast spans of time that it becomes irrevelant and only og periferal concern. The generational struggle is a direct outcome of the life-extension process. We will succumb to that struggle even if we do not succumb to death. We will not be able to exist in the prime of youth forever. Because time moves and has a finite scope, we will age.

Our ageing is not as important as our need to make the process of ageing inconsequential. Our need becomes a potent desire and we get entrapped in our feverent pursuit of immortality. This pursuit does not yield anything.

And we remain obsessed with the folds of the narrative. This obsession is not a secret. It is obvious.

And this makes our experience similar to the trace depositions of a literary medium affecting a character within it.

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