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"Be sensitive to the moments," S tells me. And I might just start doing that. I mean, this is full-scale advice. A moment of golden truth, supposedly. Common wisdom. But then you decide if you'd like to live in stop-motion or if you'd like to live in video. What would you like the frame-rate to be? I for one, can't trace the trickles, I have to let it the fuck be. Let moments pass, let them settle.

Moments accumulate and they develop a buzz. A kind-of-buzz at least that stays rotting in the head. This buzz grows up and becomes a full-blown mood. These moods become anchors for narratives to be developed. There are many ways to live. One of these is to be like a diarist. Record the flow of randomness happening around and periodically replay to find out what happened. Reflection, recollection, analysis being active.

Another way. Skating on thin ice. No active reserve, no pondering and hovering memory. Letting incidents and triggers do a kind-of random access when required. The narrative in the head is less clingy. The records are less paraphrased and parsed-dry for sentimental value. The risk is of course in letting some records get buried too deep under the shrouds of time to bear identification anymore. There can be out-of-person experiences which remember the past like it were a movie. A work of fiction. I quite enjoy that. But its not everyone's cup of tea.

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