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Reading Distance tags: song

By W. Don Flores I am evaluating the interval. I am putting it through its paces like running the tip of my index finger, slippery with saliva, across beads of dog teeth strung in series along the gum line of the animal while she sits quietly in my lap. The texture of words is not meaning, the smalls weights and indentations they leave in our mouths as we tongue them through is not symbolic. … bo bo oo dd od oq … … ob ob pp oo po bo … At the end of the series of ivory beads, my finger slides along t…

Reception tags: song

We have thought about reception quite a bit after the last document was completed. Reception has been a tricky idea for us because reception needs to work without qualification. But then wondered why we insisted that the lack qualification should be a minimum criteria. And then we decided to vary the model a little bit. Sure, reception needs to work in a common way for most people. But what is the bar for this commonality to be set? How common can common be without being completely generic?…