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Workshop: How To Read? tags: sequence

Instructions: Use a separate piece of paper to answer the questions where required. You have nine hours (three hours/day for three days) to process the whole workshop. After you know how to read, if you want something to read, you can communicate with us. When we read, what do we want to read and why do we want to read it? We want to read so that if there is anything offensive to our sensibilities in our environment, we remain aware or it. We want to read because we want to know when we are…

Worksheet: Mark a Target tags: sequence

Mark a target. A strong target. Look around, identify and write down the name of one element in your environment that you want to bring down. Having a weak target diffuses your wrath. Does the element that you identified in (1.) trigger your irrationality? If you are able to inflict whatever you desire on your target, what will you inflict? Pause for a moment. Think of how you will be relieved when you are through with your target. Now inflict the universe within which your world exists to the…