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We present the biennale journal **.

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We present the biennial journal missed opportunities.

Opportunities are missed all the time. Every second in fact. The stockpile of everyone-in-the-world's missed opportunities is so deep that people dare to set foot in it only with a life buoy around their necks. So it can be easily understood why we are dedicating one issue of our journal to this stockpile. Also the stockpile does not have any contributions from us. Because this museum has not only not missed any opportunities, we have not even needed any opportunities. We don't mean to say that we are autonomous and entrepreneurial and that we create our own opportunities. We mean that the moment we were born, the tangent and pathway of our lifespan was charted for us and we knew clearly what was to happen for a very very long time. That allowed us to feel a calm, a soothing feeling of stability and security and this calm has never left us.

When we talk of missed opportunities we talk of the missed opportunities of other people. We look at the world and we compute the reasons for all the negligence, all the wastage, all the lack of vision. When we do that, we arrive at the missed opportunities.

The opportunities were missed for many reasons. Some of those reasons were really sad. The opportunities waited at the pre-decided time and place and waited to be grabbed by someone but nobody grabbed them. As they waited their body frame dried up, million of years passed and the opportunities became road blocks. Then at other times the opportunities were victims of hit-and-run accidents at the hands of rash drivers and they never rose after that fall, but most often the missed opportunities went home to spend the night with the wrong guy. They are deluded and loose that way, if someone shows them a little bit of tenderness and curiosity they surrender themselves in their arms. They do not for a moment think of the assignment at hand, the job they have to do.

So the issue of missed opportunities has its twists and turns, some are missed by the fuck-ups of the subject and some subjects are given a miss by the opportunities. Both are to be dealt with in this journal. When we were doing the research for this journal, we got numerous calls from the entities whose stories are chronicled here. They wanted us to paint a generous picture of them, they requested us to gloss over the details of how exactly they missed the said opportunities. We listened patiently and had a lot of private back and forth between us and we decided that we will stick to our stand. Of the people who called their were numerous presidents and prime ministers of countries from across the world, there were CEOs of big multi-national corporations; but we just played dumb. We refused to acknowledge the power that they represented and talked down to them.

So, ladies and gentlemen we are happy to present to you the first ever issue of the museum's quarterly journal. Please enjoy if you are so inclined else just spin yourself in circles and enjoy the view.

Enjoyment tags: forest

Enjoyment is necessary but it offers a break from ordinary life that is largely not enjoyable. Life engulfs, sucks us in, spits us out and we have nothing to show for it. There is no reward at the end. there is no bonus for behaving. So we might as well have fun, while we are here. Fun is not a shared, universal concept. It is difficult to figure out what kind of fun to have and how to have it. Because fun is just about making a transition from the current frame temporarily and not actually…

The Surface of Knowledge 2 tags: forest

We have stared at the surface. We have enjoyed having a finite number of dimensions to access to our environment. What we thought was everything was in fact only a part of the whole.

How does that make you feel?

Does that make you feel like you have devoted your attention to a construct that is still fathoming itself?

Well, that is all that is available. Everything is shakeable. There is always distance to travel.

One of our limitations has been that we have thought about the moment as a minute duration. Durations are never singular. Even if minute. There are always parallel sequences of unraveling that render all durations in a format greater than singular.

Construing experience and the knowledge that emanates from it as flat is one thing, but construing it as a ceaseless duration which can only be accessed through slices is another.

This duration is disrupted by many aspects of our behaviour. When we get immersed in anything, we lose everything.

But we are not cataloging all our disruptions here, we are only adding facets which will make it possible to hold our experience of the surface. We are keen to hold and not just get a fleeting glimpse because we do not want to live basking in the memory, we need to live in the midst of the experience.

Also we are realising, having a text that is universal is fine because that is a very broad frame we need to examine the fine detail and the broad perspective at the same time. We cannot put anything into practice unless we are thus split between the micro and the macro. In isolation everything will seem simpler. But in unity what happens? What happens when there is no possibility of pulling things apart. We want to think about each idea that we consider within the scope of what is involved in implementing them into our waking life. Our life in slumber is anyway more efficiently pre-scripted to leave us free from interjecting with a set of choices. Why can't we sleep all the time? Why do we need to wake up at all? If the act of seeing something related to our eyes, then how do we watch dreams with our eyes closed?

There is always a gap between the quality of the shooting script and nature of the footage. Something creeps into the frame from somewhere. And unless we know something about this act of creeping in, we will also treat it like an accident. Accidents remain like a explained phenomenon in our practices and we do not attempt to understand these very much. We attempt to understand only the conditions that produce the accident in question. And please ourselves with a capacity for triggering these accidents constantly.

Eventually we want to do away with triggering altogether and be the accident. How is that going to happen?

The surface is a handy construct for summoning our potential constantly and not be stuck behind layers of time or experience construed as knowledge. But after that has been achieved, how does creating waves of vitiation on the surface work?

If we do not know how to configure, we do not really know enough.