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Clues tags: fodder

Why offer clues? Why make it any easier than it has to be? There is a sense of implied cruelty in being difficult. The implied cruelty implies a implied potential of reducing the difficulty. This implication is not always true. In most cases the levels of difficulty are static because of the world's current state. No model of the world can be simple. All possible models of the world have to be equally difficult to be stable. So the existence of clues is essential for any possible navigation…

Improvisation tags: fodder

Within the labour of reading is included a capacity to improvise. What can be read? Through which construction can a specific meaning be read? For something to be inferred, does something need to be written? Is the relationship between reading and writing direct and one that has a distinct co-relation? To figure this out, we decided to talk. We talked at length and for considerable time but hoped for the conversation to have a clear lead-in and lead-out. But this did not happen. The…