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The Book of Curses tags: cooker

If it can't happen, it can't happen. There are no compulsions on events. Nothing needs to happen. But something will happen anyway. When I don't like what happens, I curse. Cursing is way of expressing disagreement. But curses are not understood literally, their meaning is established socially and through convention. So at any given time only the curses of the current time are understood. Others get lost. We are thinking of a curse in two ways: a linguistic unit that establishes its own meaning and so is capable of both escaping the corrosive nature of time and it still exists as a stable unit of language that can operate for everyone who is familiar with the tongue. Familiarity with a language is still a given for a curse to work. We cannot escape that. We have to work on fragments language that hold no semantic meaning and so require no translation.

Unlike simple verbal aggression, the curse imagines a certain other. This other, is an operator who is believed to actually have a say in what happens. Nothing happens on its own. There are omens and symbolic hints which can be deciphered to know which way the wind is blowing. This knowledge is used in cursing.

Curses might seem to be full of personal angst and enmity but actually they are only predictions. These predictions rest on the fact that basically the world we live in is amoral, but an account is kept. Injustices cannot be addressed in narrative but are addressed appropriately by time. Time makes sure that everything gets evened out. At a sufficient scale, the texture of time is that of a evenly dense pancake. Curses are signposts. Curses reveal that there is sufficient disarray in the system and things are generally not rosy. Curses speak of how the sedated pace of events does not signify a lack of contrary energies and motivations. Nothing might be happening, but things are not at peace.

This is important to know because nothing ever happens. And that does not mean that nothing is brimming under the surface. And if we are making do with an uneventful landscape, we can at least be invested in the tension that is building up. Eventually, but we do not know when, the tension will break out and alter the landscape. This is the only way of talking about the future. This is the way in which the future and the present are in simultaneous operation.