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The rational is only the tip of entire potential range of potential. Irrational is a misnomer because it is just a negative word. It just points towards that which is not rational. But the negative space of the rational is far richer than what is possible to grasp from this specific word.

The limitation of language is that how we describe the words that we use to search for that which we are not aware, ends up reducing the scope of our search. Acknowledging the ramifications of using these words however allows us to proceed with using the word for immediate pragmatic purposes. But we know that every time we use the word, we need to project at least as much as we state. How we think of our own lives becomes only a link and not a summation. Words do not contain. Language does not bind. This opens up an interpretive space for us which is very similar to the device of a script. The actor has a thread to hold on to but just mouthing pre-cast words is not enough, it is important for the actor to project and speculate at the same time. The simultaneous reception of the words and the speculative projection of the actor completes the act for the onlooker. This process is not entirely rational else it would have been included in the script in some way. The irrational part of the process is the actor's own being. We are here but we do not know what all that involves. Only after being here, we are able to think of how we are here. We can only attempt to explain after the fact.

This makes the anchoring of our presence to this frame of experience itself an irrational event. We cannot render the irrational in rational terms. We can explore irrationality and attempt to know it by pondering on the problem of our own existence. In a zero sum universe, why do we need to exist? Why are we alive?

Irrational questions are paradoxes. They cannot be asked because they defeat themselves. Questions are rational. They can be answered only with rational responses. If the answer is not possible to articulate in a rational format, the process comes to a pause. And sometimes this is the only possibility. But this pause is also a sign. A sign that points to something irrational. This is the furthest that we can get to from within the bubbles of language and culture that we live in. Death is the only surety we have. And death surely is irrational. Death is a portal and a bridge to everything that is irrational. But once we die and access that, we cannot come back to life to tell the story.

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