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To enter or attain a better frame within which to see the world and find it enjoyable is the objective of entertainment. To startle the other out of the stasis of living their life is the immediate desire. When we undertake the responsibility to entertain you to fulfil the contract between us, we do a good job. We do such a good job that never again do you go to the fake entertainment portals of the city. The portals are fake because they have a very temporary effect. You stay entertained only as long as you watch the movie and then it is over. The way we entertain you, you will stay entertained at least for half your life. For a few decades straight, you will wake up in the morning and you will not need to drink coffee, you will not need to do yoga or do anything to decongest anymore. At least one half of your life will be one smooth ride. That is what we can deliver to you. But we sympathise with the economics of the entertainment industry and we hold ourselves back. We release a minuscule part of our entertaining mantra at a time, no more than one percent is known to anyone during an episode. So you do get entertained but you have to come back for more. We help the entertainment industry survive. We help the industry monopolise access to entertainment and create fake scarcity in the process.

We do this for a reason.

The entertainment industry gives us the privileges to conduct any operation on any content in its machinery. We can go into the machine and change any movie and any song in any way we want. We don't have to file any reports, we can do anything we can. When you watch a movie you do not know who is in your head. It might be us, it might be some mercenary film director somewhere.

This ambiguity allows us to take infinite power and assume an invincible, absolute position in the entertainment industry. We are dons, we are above everyone else. We get to decide what your piecemeal episode of entertainment is going to be like. We get to decide how you get entertained.

But no one ever violates the limits placed very carefully by the corporals of the entertainment world. These limits are followed by everyone in the same way. Either you can negotiate a way to get entertained or you have to sit out in the cold (or the heat, depending on where you are). There is no other possibility.

There is a story behind this also. The thing is that we discovered that when you are entertained successfully, you are actually happy for a few moments. There is a presence in their brain of all the chemicals which indicate joy. It works the same way as drugs do. Minimum impact, tiny episode drugs. And just like drugs this needs to be controlled, we cannot spread joy like thin butter all over the social fabric of this world. It would create imbalance of the order that will not be sustainable. So we play by the rules.

Only when bodies are in our audience, we allow ourselves to unwind and let entertainment flow like water from a jug. For this to happen the belief in presence and the patience for body to body communication should not fade. In our personal audience the performances that have happened is the superset of all the cinema, all the literature of the world. We will not share our attendance registers and also we will not stop.

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