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Knowledge is the unstated synthesis of the current moment produced in a continuous, ongoing process. It is a compilation not of a pre-produced byte-code but of the raw fragments of experience of the present. The compilation is from the source of experience of the present to the bitstream of memory that can be easily and broadly accessed.

Time is a very important parameter of knowledge. You cannot read books written thirty years before. You have to read books written yesterday. If access to knowledge is the only way for us to access the material of the present, then this access has to be of the knowledge that is produced in the rush of the present moment. Fragile, impatient and unperturbed by the lens of validation.

Knowledge has to be critical in nature, critical from the redundancy perspective. The critical is the flip side of the redundant. It is not trivial, it is not something that has a parallel in the scope of prior-existing materials.

Knowledge cannot be produced by minds, individual thought or conscious action. This production is a sequential refreshing of the material that is produced by experience. Knowledge, if defined at all, is a collectively produced entity in its most impersonal and objective sense of the word. Nobody can have a claim on knowledge.

Once the byte code of knowledge is produced, it has a fixed frame of time during which if it is accessed, it can alter the next sequence of production. If you can manage to access the knowledge of the moment, your experience will shift and the knowledge produced at the next index of time will reflect that.

We call for a dismantling of archives, libraries and systemic renditions of knowledge. We call for a resetting of history.

We implore upon you to develop the capacity to constantly access freshly produced knowledge, the knowledge of the moment.

Knowledge is the outcome of potential disaster. Access to knowledge is always coloured by the traces of failure. Access to knowledge cannot be reliably produced as the production of some effort. For every sought after attempt, there are only a few successes. But the failures cannot be denied, so they remain stuck to the envelope of knowledge and forever remind the recipients of the failed struggles.

We have constructed an entire framework around fulfilment. Fulfilment is desired within the core of every effort to seek knowledge. This fulfilment can be delivered in many ways and even the lack of delivery sometimes doesn't produce the experience of lack as it should. The seeking has a cavity and this cavity has a room for itself. So seeking accommodates itself and achieves balance without keeping any angst pending. But how does this self-consumption aid the process of fulfilment? How do we design universal fulfilment as an offering of an educational experience? Is it possible to be fulfilled by an educational experience at all?

Fulfilment operates through practice. If you do not want to access absent knowledge, set in a time past and out-of-sync with the moment then the only thing to do is engage with the production of fresh content which involves presence. The factor of presence as a parameter of content ensures that what you are undergoing is a fresh episode which involves accessing the knowledge of the moment and not just a reaping of old crop, so to say. The accessing of the ongoing moment, the seeking of the meaning and the credentials of the present moment imply that experience can move speedily and attempt a picturing of the passing movement. This is practice. The obsessive, habitual compulsion to access the present moment, to populate into one's own experience a version of the knowledge of this instant is practice.

The word is appropriate, because this compulsion is not always successful. If every attempt to access the knowledge of the present moment is a leap then some leaps make it and some don't. But even if sometimes we fall flat on the ground, it is worth taking the leap. Being in mid-air, even if on a collision course with the ground, is better than standing on the ground looking at other beings in mid-flight.

It is worth seeking knowledge if only for the chance that the sought will be found.

The archives of failed attempts slip away and blur on the horizon of possible access of the present.

When seeking operates, some know and some guess. When eventually the taste of experience is known, it is coloured by the shape of these.

Surfaces always yield the messages of the present. If you distill a message all the way down to its core you will always find the present moment. This is quite a riddle, how can messages populated in the past bear the present at their core? Because we stand in the here and now! Everything that we pull into this moment gets infected by this moment. We can only see the reflection of any entity as it manifests itself in the present moment. If it doesn't reflect, it is not known.

Via practice we facilitate the channeling of the past corpses of knowledge as well through the synthesised surface of the present.

You will know what we know and also you will see what we see. We will paint the world's surfaces with compressed knowledge-bombs. You will read only a line but you will access a volume.

Today knowledge is a dead-end game. The world offers us a trophy but it is only a mirage. There are no answers. Nobody has bothered to distill, compress or delineate. We have masses of people living in shrouds of insufficiency because they feel that the trophy of knowledge became a mirage only for them. The professing of experience, the acknowledgement of the urge to learn was all a perverted discrepancy. Actually there is no intention of allowing or even personally experiencing any immersion or penetration. The position of aloofness is too comfortable to deviate from. The institutionalisation of the positions of aloof posturing and the masks of professorships are too smugly fitting the exhausted bodies of those running the boat.

We offer a pragmatic solution to the scars of mis-education. You have been wronged, you have been short-changed but now we are here and so are our surfaces of knowledge.

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