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We have to deny the existence of all other portals of noise that claim to lead to knowledge. Because these portals have only deflected the expectations and responsibilities projected on them and tried to instead reject the possibility of any knowledge at all. Immersion in disappointment, cynicism and a celebration of the hoarse voice of drunken passion has been encouraged.

The surface of knowledge has become a spectacle. There is no intrinsic pleasure left to discover in the possibility of knowing. There is only the flexing of muscles and macho posturing to be done, without realising that the figment of truth is very fragile. It does not demand delicacy but it does depend on perpetual radiance. It does not allow any half measures or any empty gestures. It does not see through any half filled vessel.

We are not talking about the reality out there guarded by layers of curtains. We are not talking about the blunting of the blinding light. We are talking about a yellow coloured dot mimicking the sun and not feeling the need to laugh at the joke. We are talking about the coma that has set in over the public experience of the general consciousness because of the apparent stability of the systems of knowledge of the world.

Nothing is stable. Least of all, the knowledge of the world! We know nothing. What was known in the past is only partly relevant today; in the partial way, that old music, old fashion become out-of-sync and lose the handle on the world that they once had when they occupied the spotlight as if they truly were experiencing glory in some form. The glory of this moment is inside you, it exclusively resides inside the knowledge of this very moment. No version of the past can access this moment like you can when you are in the thick of it, it is a special privilege of being alive, awake and seeking.

What else has to be denied?

Deny yourself. Deny your own myth. Deny your family. Deny the ability to do anything. Deny the possibility of anything to be more intensely experienced than its presence.

While you are at it, deny all institutional validation. Accept only self-validated content. Accept only first hand angst, avoid everyone standing on the shoulders of a giant.

These are all old habits. You might be dependent on your survival on one of these habits. But you have to take this plunge: in the interest of ‘being’; to remove the impedance in your experience. You are incomplete today you cannot let yourself upload away into the world, you need to hold yourself back and you need to think about the parts of yourself stuck away in the world out there. We insist that you pull yourself back, re-aggregate your fragments from their diffusion into the world and savour the experience of being in the moment.

Glory is only noise as far as the flow of your production is concerned; what else is your job? What else do you have to do except produce your own presence as intensely as you can? How else do you justify your existence?

You have to deny your teacher, your education, your experience since none of these propelled from within. We cannot accommodate any fictions, we do not allow any pragmatic rationale. So if you want to situate yourself in our university as a student or as a self-aware individual, you need to decide. The time for half-measures has gone.

Denial offers you a chance to clear the air. Instead of defending worship of your false idols and simulated knowledge, you actually have a chance to wipe your slate clean by engaging in denial and exploring a way of being, that is more directly rooted into this moment.

The opportunity for denial emerges from the confidence gained from play. If random social play does not cause huge rescissions of norms and contracts already in place, its extension to become a fundamental behavioural pattern changes nothing. We will convince you that when we step on your toes and snap back at you in response to your idiotic and subservient social conduct, we are just playing. And if you accept it, then we can tell you the harshest and most unpleasant truth about you on your face and get away with it. The garb of comedy allows you to listen to what we say with a necessary distance. This distance allows you to laugh at yourself and seek the hidden message in our zest too. Social play gets busted only when the play ends. What is the adversary of play? What sentiments disallow the emergence of play?

Play dies with an inability to disassociate. If disassociation and immersion happens, then the adoption of the rules of play as the immediate set of rules to respond to becomes possible. Being playful becomes possible if role-play and make-believe are accepted as valid forms of narrative ploy with a functional purpose in the everyday. The role assumed during play sometimes becomes more enjoyable than the dry person of absolute dimensions. The player has a choice to deny their outside-play persona and remain fully entrenched in the dynamics of play. This denial helps in your engagement with our system of accessing knowledge. If the gravity and consciousness of your plain existence is lost, then communicating with you becomes easier. Locking you into the immediacy of the stimulus and response framework with our surfaces of knowledge becomes possible. In short, your shadow becomes what you could never become. The being and presence of your playtime persona are much stronger than what you can ordinarily muster. Deny the world outside play. And conversely render your world as play. It makes the puzzle simpler.

Denial escapes matter of fact logic because it is backed up by angst.

As a producer of assembly line infrastructure around access to knowledge, we find denial very useful. We find that we create even the room for conversation around the need for alternatives after allegiances have stopped being in existence. When the shadows of dependencies on systemic corruptions have disappeared the real possibility of ‘being’ arises. We care about this possibility.

Denial is also something we practice as a theatrical mechanism to see in a sudden moment the repercussions of disavowing everything. It is a method of distributing risk, of not placing all hopes on a singular set of world views. To really try on a wide range of beliefs for size, you have to serially deny everything at least once. That is denial as a performing gesture, as a tool to unfreeze.

Denial is necessary for auto-education.

Every time the gear shifts something else has to be denied. Because auto-education deals with knowledge of the moment, with the passing of time there is always a new set of things to deny. There can be no loyalty in this setting. The shift of power is a natural process.

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