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There is the poetic notion of mystery as the haze that blurs the outlines and dulls perception. Even if you look at the world with frosted glass, when you fall, it hurts just as bad. So we have to replace that model of mystery with another. One that doesn't talk of obscurity in blindingly dazzling terms. An experience of mystery that talks about a lack of a desire to know as something that seeds mystery. Because the world here and it's attributes and your mind and its desires work in a circular loop.

This loop makes it necessary for us to talk about your mind first and then talk about what it perceives. We cannot talk of the darkness out there without first talking about the darkness in your mind.

So what is it about the darkness in your head that makes you want to cling on to it so passionately? Darkness is a matter of luminosity. Scenes naturally have gradation in lighting and many things get stuck in corners with sub-optimal illumination. Merely on the basis of their presence in the dark parts, they cannot be considered dark. Darkness is a characteristic that can be labelled on the basis of an intrinsic nature and not on the basis of a clustering and chunking principle. Darkness needs to be understood and not seen.

We are describing a condition here. The condition of the loops that run between the darkness in your head and the mysteries out there. These loops get distorted with the pathogenic bonds between you and your darkness. The mystery you observe in the world gets displaced and is seen more as an illusion. Because of the distortion in the loops, you chase it's end points in the wrong places. When you think you are sensing mystery in the world, you are not really sensing it. Today the entire question of mystery is misconstrued and poorly understood, it is another missed opportunity that could have led you to the source or at least to the scaffolding.

We can show you a way of re-negotiating the relationship that you have with the darkness inside you. If you manage to do that you will be able to let mystery guide you through life.

When you let mystery guide you in life you become embedded in it. Your trails and paths of walking about chasing things in life become mysterious too. You stop becoming a source for database operators who scrape the data of your life, your choices, the meta information of how you live. To find more mystery you need to fabricate more mystery and this process helps in doing that.

Mystery can be the variable operative in your life. It can take away the burden of choice and replace it with the possibility of auto-pilot, the music of being an automaton.

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